528 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
pictuga d023ec8d73 Change default port to 8000 6 days ago
pictuga 5473b77416 Post-clean up isort 1 month ago
pictuga 0365232a73 readabilite: custom xpath for article detection 1 month ago
pictuga a523518ae8 cache: avoid name collision 1 month ago
pictuga 52c48b899f readability: better var names 1 month ago
pictuga 9649cabb1b morss: do not crash on empty pages 1 month ago
pictuga 10535a17c5 cache: fix isort 1 month ago
pictuga 7d86972e58 Add Redis cache backend 1 month ago
pictuga 5da7121a77 Fix Options class behaviour 1 month ago
pictuga bb82902ad1 Move cache code to its own file 1 month ago
pictuga 04afa28fe7 crawler: cache pickle'd array 1 month ago
pictuga 75bb69f0fd Make mysql optdep 1 month ago
pictuga 97d9dda547 crawler: support 308 redirects 1 month ago
pictuga 6c1f8da692 ci: added pylint (triggered upon error w/ score < 8 only) 2 months ago
pictuga 4fd730b983 Further isort implementation 2 months ago
pictuga 0b3e6d7749 Apply isort 2 months ago
pictuga 06e0ada95b Allow POST requests 2 months ago
pictuga 37f5a92b05 wsgi: fix apache / workload 2 months ago
pictuga 24c26d3850 wsgi: handle url decoding 2 months ago
pictuga 8f24214915 crawler: better name for custom fns 2 months ago
pictuga d5942fe5a7 feeds: fix issues when mode not explicited in ruleset 2 months ago
pictuga 6f50443995 morss: Options return None instead of False if no match 2 months ago
pictuga 5582fbef31 crawler: comment 2 months ago
pictuga da5442a1dc feedify: support any type (json, xml, html) 2 months ago
pictuga f9d7794bcc feedifi.ini: json time zone handling 6 months ago
pictuga e37c8346d0 feeds: add fallback for time parser 6 months ago
pictuga 3a1d564992 feeds: fix time zone handling 6 months ago
pictuga 6880a443e0 crawler: improve CacheHandler code 7 months ago
pictuga 7342ab26d2 crawler: comment on how urllib works 7 months ago
pictuga 981da9e66a crawler: SQLITE_PATH point to .db file instead of folder 7 months ago
pictuga 01a7667032 Fix error due to remaining log force code 9 months ago
pictuga 3e886caaab crawler: drop encoding setting 12 months ago
pictuga ad927e03a7 crawler: use regex instead of lxml 12 months ago
pictuga 0efb096fa7 crawler: shift gzip & encoding-fix to intermediary handler 12 months ago
pictuga 9ab2e488ef crawler: add intermediary handlers 12 months ago
pictuga b525ab0d26 crawler: fix typo 12 months ago
pictuga bd0bca69fc crawler: ignore ssl via env var 1 year ago
pictuga 8abd951d40 More sensible default values for cache autotrim (1k entries, 1min) 1 year ago
pictuga 2514fabd38 Replace memory-leak-prone Uniq with @uniq_wrapper 1 year ago
pictuga 8cb7002fe6 feeds: make it possible to append empty items 1 year ago
pictuga 6966e03bef Clean up itemClass code 1 year ago
pictuga 9ce6acba20 Fix gunicorn related typo 1 year ago
pictuga 056a1b143f crawler: autotrim: make ctrl+c working 1 year ago
pictuga eed949736a crawler: add ability to limit cache size 1 year ago
pictuga 2fc7cd391c Shift __main__'s wsgi code where it belongs 1 year ago
pictuga d9f46b23a6 crawler: default value for MYSQL_HOST (localhost) 1 year ago
pictuga bbada0436a Quick guide to ignore SSL certs 1 year ago
pictuga 039a672f4e wsgi: clean up url reconstruction 1 year ago
pictuga 9ecf856f10 Add :resolve to remove (some?) tracking links 1 year ago
pictuga 56e0c2391d Missing import for served files 1 year ago