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pictuga d0360e5285 Remove delItems setItems in
That part is actually done in the FeedList class
2013-10-21 21:31:38 +02:00
pictuga 71f20c8b29 Don't fill facebook for now 2013-10-21 21:31:02 +02:00
pictuga 8a5202efd5 Improve facebook and feedburner workarounds 2013-10-21 21:30:31 +02:00
pictuga 6bf7f60a3b Add support for facebook API
Still lacks a mechanism to fetch "extended tokens", so for now, it's somehow useless
2013-10-21 21:29:23 +02:00
pictuga 1f40f2a099 Add support for JSON APIs in feedify 2013-10-21 21:28:43 +02:00
pictuga 1802827d31 Fix decoding
Was dropped in previous commit by mistake
2013-10-21 21:24:19 +02:00
pictuga a1f9fe24c8 Use one single urllib2 handler
Makes feedify on html pages more powerful
2013-10-21 21:17:52 +02:00
pictuga 4d2d17f9e1 Tell about dateutil in readme 2013-10-12 23:43:09 +02:00
pictuga c1d410267b Fix two function in case of None element 2013-10-12 23:36:43 +02:00
pictuga 0d1f1fdcc0 Support for (gu)id 2013-10-12 23:36:00 +02:00
pictuga e98617c320 Time in twitter feedify 2013-10-09 00:50:10 +02:00
pictuga 12d48918d8 Add time handling in
Lots of time format can be passed as a value (RSS/Atom time strings, timestamp, anything supported by dateutil.parser). Implemented in twitter feedify hook.
2013-10-09 00:48:05 +02:00
pictuga 16b5e4b018 Fix .htaccess for no-gzip when in 'progress' mode 2013-10-09 00:45:11 +02:00
pictuga 76b81a31ec Drop desc by default
Arguably the reason is that users tend to believe the program does nothing, cause Firefox (and others?) only shows the description in the feed preview. The "keep" parameter keeps the description in place.
2013-10-02 12:06:14 +02:00
pictuga ae22104831 Center "* * *" in clip mode 2013-10-02 12:05:52 +02:00
pictuga 196400967d Type of self.xdel in feeds 2013-10-02 11:33:40 +02:00
pictuga 60fb90eb01 Add google support in feedify 2013-10-01 20:19:17 +02:00
pictuga 685bc7988e Improve feedify string grabbing 2013-10-01 20:18:55 +02:00
pictuga 050be7690d Ability to delete desc, content, title in feeds 2013-10-01 19:52:21 +02:00
pictuga 145f59b546 Fix already-filled feeds
By pulling the content from "content" when needed
2013-10-01 19:50:28 +02:00
pictuga ae5e947417 Add support for facebook, google links 2013-10-01 19:49:53 +02:00
pictuga cf5040020e Use desktop browser UA for xml
Convenient for rss links detection and "feedify"
2013-10-01 19:47:45 +02:00
pictuga e3c1cd8619 Accept more types as "text" before readability 2013-10-01 19:47:06 +02:00
pictuga 78706952fe Remove "clip" from Fill
Put that in Gather. Also removed from "alone" mode was also added (it removes the description).
2013-10-01 19:45:54 +02:00
pictuga 1b7fe8fbee Use "options" in Gather instead of "progress"
Also made it possible to toggle Fill's toggle through parameters
2013-09-29 15:32:58 +02:00
pictuga a5a327388a Add ability not to fetch an item's article 2013-09-25 13:47:05 +02:00
pictuga 9f22402dca Twitter: use pahe <title> as feed title 2013-09-25 12:48:50 +02:00
pictuga 0657077191 Add support for twitter
Grabs "feed" from the html page, clips tweet and article together.
2013-09-25 12:37:14 +02:00
pictuga da14242bcf Add feedify, and use it in morss 2013-09-25 12:36:21 +02:00
pictuga 9bc4417be3 More flexible xml caching
New includes a 'type' var, to remember what we did out of it (normal, nothing, grabbed xml link, etc). xml/html mimetype are now saved in a dict, for easier editing, and consistency.
2013-09-25 12:32:40 +02:00
pictuga edff54a016 Add pushContent in
Useful for twitter (later) for it's "clip" toggle, which keeps the original desc/content above the article. Makes changing the content, while keeping the original stub in place, easier.
2013-09-25 12:18:22 +02:00
pictuga 208d70d3db Use separate var in Fill for final url
That way the url can be changed altogether for the article-fetching part, without changing the item link itself. Useful for upcoming twitter feeds.
2013-09-25 11:51:48 +02:00
pictuga fd1501a0c0 Check relative url earlier 2013-09-25 11:49:45 +02:00
pictuga 1e621099e0 Log cache hash in Gather 2013-09-25 11:15:11 +02:00
pictuga 3d6d7e70b6 Remove useless "as" in error catch 2013-09-25 11:14:22 +02:00
pictuga e73cbf56c2 Add 'html' option, usefull to see error on server 2013-09-25 11:13:33 +02:00
pictuga 03014a8cbf Typo in UA_HTML var name 2013-09-25 11:11:11 +02:00
pictuga 4a5cbcfd18 Move httplib in common code
Needed for error catch
2013-09-25 11:10:16 +02:00
pictuga 3fd34ff1a6 decodeHTML works without connection object 2013-09-25 11:08:58 +02:00
pictuga e759cd46c6 Add set/getLinks in FeedItem (base) 2013-09-17 00:45:15 +02:00
pictuga 355bfa5efd Adding items, creating feeds now possible
Both hakish to do, but works
2013-09-17 00:44:10 +02:00
pictuga 658f51e5a9 Support feeds handed out as text/html
<> and <> are on an equal footing…
2013-09-16 00:33:24 +02:00
pictuga 8eb2f7c249 Added another letter to feedsportal table 2013-09-15 19:38:59 +02:00
pictuga 23246ca6c1 Save the key in cache file 2013-09-15 19:20:51 +02:00
pictuga 1b7777c331 Find RSS links within html pages' <head>
And cache those links
2013-09-15 19:19:50 +02:00
pictuga 1bd17f1365 Faster relative link resolution 2013-09-15 19:18:39 +02:00
pictuga 7575291f8f Log url in Gather
Useful for upcoming commits
2013-09-15 18:53:35 +02:00
pictuga 532852a408 Use cleaner http error catch
One error type was inheriting from another one
2013-09-15 18:52:34 +02:00
pictuga 2eb6e69b5a full-text with a dash in README 2013-09-15 17:59:17 +02:00
pictuga 43bf021f23 Catch more http exceptions
Such as InvalidURL. Subclasses of httplib.HTTPException
2013-09-15 17:19:33 +02:00