677 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  pictuga a82ec96eb7 Delete feedify.py leftover code 15 hours ago
  pictuga aad2398e69 feeds: turns out lxml.etree doesn't have drop_tag 15 hours ago
  pictuga eeac630855 crawler: add more "realistic" headers 16 hours ago
  pictuga e136b0feb2 readabilite: loosen the slayer 16 hours ago
  pictuga 6cf32af6c0 readabilite: also use BS 16 hours ago
  pictuga 568e7d7dd2 feeds: make BS's output bytes for lxml's sake 16 hours ago
  pictuga 3617f86e9d morss: make cgi_encore more robust 20 hours ago
  pictuga d90756b337 morss: drop 'keep' option 20 hours ago
  pictuga 40c69f17d2 feeds: parse html with BS 21 hours ago
  pictuga 99461ea185 crawler: fix var name issues (private_cache) 21 hours ago
  pictuga bf86c1e962 crawler: make AutoUA match http(s) type 21 hours ago
  pictuga d20f6237bd crawler: replace ContentNegoHandler with AlternateHandler 21 hours ago
  pictuga 8a4d68d72c crawler: drop 'basic' toggle 21 hours ago
  pictuga e6811138fd morss: use redirected url in :getpage 1 day ago
  pictuga 35b702fffd morss: default values for feed creation 1 day ago
  pictuga 4a88886767 morss: get_page to act as a basic proxy (for iframes) 1 day ago
  pictuga 1653394cf7 morss: cgi_dispatcher to be able to create extra functions 1 day ago
  pictuga a8a90cf414 morss: move url/options parsing to own function 1 day ago
  pictuga bdbaf0f8a7 morss/cgi: fix handling of special chars in url 1 day ago
  pictuga d0e447a2a6 ItemFix: clean up Pocket links 1 day ago
  pictuga e6817e01b4 sheet.xsl: set font to "sans" 2 days ago
  pictuga 7c3091d64c morss: code spacing 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 37b4e144a9 morss: small fixes 2 weeks ago
  pictuga bd4b7b5bb2 morss: convert HTML feeds to XML ones for completeness 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 68d920d4b5 morss: make FeedFormat more flexible with encoding 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 758ff404a8 morss: fix cgi_app silent output 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 463530f02c morss: middleware to enforce encoding 2 weeks ago
  pictuga ec0a28a91d morss: use middleware for wsgi apps 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 421acb439d morss: make errors more readable over http 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 42c5d09ccb morss: split "options" var into "raw_options" & "options" 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 056de12484 morss: add sheet.xsl to file handled by http server 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 961a31141f morss: fix url fixing 2 weeks ago
  pictuga a7b01ee85e readabilite: further html processing instructions fix 2 weeks ago
  pictuga fbcb23cf88 index.Html: fix meta tag 2 weeks ago
  pictuga a0e8e84a67 sheet.xsl: mobile-friendly view & url fix 2 weeks ago
  pictuga a90fd682db sheet.xsl: show feed url (js-based) 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 2c245f9506 sheet.xsl: improve output formatting 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 3d45451fef sheet.xsl: improve element content output 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 4d785820d9 feeds: ignore provided stylesheets and add ours 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 6a01fc439e feeds: better handle "empty" datetime 2 weeks ago
  pictuga d24734110a morss: convert all feeds to RSS 2 weeks ago
  pictuga a41c2a3a62 morss: fix twitter link detection 2 weeks ago
  pictuga dd2651061f feeds & morss: clean up comments/empty lines 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 912c323c40 feeds: make function output more consistent 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 5705a0be17 feeds: fix delete/rmv code 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 4735ffba45 feeds: fix .convert auto-convert 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 08e39f5631 feeds: give simpler name to helper functions 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 765a43511e feeds: remove unused import 2 weeks ago
  pictuga 5865af64f9 Fix indent output for html/xml 2 weeks ago
  pictuga ae3bd58386 README: clarify newsreader hook syntax 2 weeks ago