1019 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
pictuga fdf9acd32b helper: fix reload code 3 days ago
pictuga d05706e056 crawler: fix typo 3 days ago
pictuga e88a823ada feeds: better handle rulesets without a 'mode' specified 3 days ago
pictuga 750850c162 crawler: avoid too many .append() 2 weeks ago
pictuga c8669002e4 feeds: exotic xpath in html as well 5 days ago
pictuga c524e54d2d feeds: support some exotic xpath rules returning a single string 5 days ago
pictuga ef14567d87 Handle `morss-helper` with `setup.py` 2 weeks ago
pictuga fb643f5ef1 readabilite: remove unneeded reference to `features` (overriden by `builder`) 3 weeks ago
pictuga dbdca910d8 readabilite: fix new parser code & drop PIs 3 weeks ago
pictuga 9eb19fac04 readabilite: use custom html parser within bs4's lxml parser 3 weeks ago
pictuga d424e394d1 readabilite: use lxml bs4 parser for speed 3 weeks ago
pictuga 3f92787b38 readabilite: limit html comments related issues 3 weeks ago
pictuga afc31eb6e9 readabilite: avoid double parsing of html 3 weeks ago
pictuga 87d2fe772d wsgi: fix py2 compatibility 3 weeks ago
pictuga 917aa0fbc5 crawler: do not re-save cached response 3 weeks ago
pictuga 3e2b81286f xsl: add link to favicon 3 weeks ago
pictuga 15430a2b83 helper: restore run if no param passed 3 weeks ago
pictuga ecdb74812d Make helper & main.py executable 3 weeks ago
pictuga 2c7844942c drone: re order deploy commands 3 weeks ago
pictuga e12cb4567a helper: more debug options 3 weeks ago
pictuga b74365b121 Make helper more posix compliant 3 weeks ago
pictuga 2020543469 Make morss-helper executable 3 weeks ago
pictuga 676be4a4fe helper: work around for systems only having py3 binary 3 weeks ago
pictuga 8870400a6e Clean up morss-helper 4 weeks ago
pictuga 8e9cc541b0 Turns out exec array is not supported in HEALTHCHECK 4 weeks ago
pictuga 2a7a1b83ec Use alpine:edge to have up-to-date py packages 4 weeks ago
pictuga 106f59afa1 docker: shift HEALTHCHECK to helper 4 weeks ago
pictuga ee514e2da3 helper: remove unneeded sudo 4 weeks ago
pictuga e7578e859a Clean up install/exec 4 weeks ago
pictuga 3bcb8db974 Improve cloud-init (append & env var) 4 weeks ago
pictuga 7751792942 Shift htaccess to README 4 weeks ago
pictuga 6e2e5ffa00 README: cloud-init indication for env var 4 weeks ago
pictuga f6da0e1e9b Make use of GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS 4 weeks ago
pictuga 2247ba13c5 drone: clean up file 4 weeks ago
pictuga d17b9a2f27 Fix typo in DISKCACHE_DIR var name 4 weeks ago
pictuga 5ab45e60af README: scale back on logos 1 month ago
pictuga 368e4683d6 util: clean paths code 1 month ago
pictuga 9fd8c7d6af drone: add back install command on deploy 1 month ago
pictuga 89f5d07408 drone: use docker for ssh 1 month ago
pictuga 495bd44893 drone: escape full command 1 month ago
pictuga ff12dbea39 drone: escape $ sign 1 month ago
pictuga 7885ab48df drone: deploy 1 month ago
pictuga 7cdcbd23e1 wsgi: fix another typo 1 month ago
pictuga 25f283da1f wsgi: fix bug following the removal of the loop 1 month ago
pictuga 727d14e539 wsgi: use data_files helper 1 month ago
pictuga 3392ae3973 util: try one more path for data_files 1 month ago
pictuga 0111ea1749 README: add py stats 1 month ago
pictuga def397de5e Dockerfile: add setuptools for gunicorn 1 month ago
pictuga d07aa566ed Dockerfile: keep source files 1 month ago
pictuga 0ee16d4a7d Install setproctitle from pkg mgrs 1 month ago