781 Commits (master)

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  pictuga 64af86c11e crawler: catch html parsing errors 6 hours ago
  pictuga 15951d228c Add :first to NOT sort items by date 7 hours ago
  pictuga c1b1f5f58a morss: restrict iframe use from :get to avoid abuse 3 weeks ago
  pictuga 985185f47f morss: more flexible feed creator auto-detection 4 weeks ago
  pictuga 3190d1ec5a feeds: remove useless if(len) before loop 1 month ago
  pictuga 9815794a97 sheet.xsl: make text more self explanatory 1 month ago
  pictuga 758b6861b9 sheet.xsl: fix text alignment 1 month ago
  pictuga ce4cf01aa6 crawler: clean up encoding detection code 1 month ago
  pictuga dcfdb75a15 crawler: fix chinese encoding support 1 month ago
  pictuga 4ccc0dafcd Basic help for sub-lib interactive use 1 month ago
  pictuga 2fe3e0b8ee feeds: clean up other stylesheets before putting ours 1 month ago
  pictuga ad3ba9de1a sheet.xsl: add <select/> to use :firstlink 1 month ago
  pictuga 68c46a1823 morss: remove deprecated twitter/fb link handling 1 month ago
  pictuga 91be2d229e morss: ability to use first link from desc instead of default link 1 month ago
  pictuga 038f267ea2 Rename :theforce into :force 1 month ago
  pictuga 22005065e8 Use etree.tostring 'method' arg 1 month ago
  pictuga 7d0d416610 morss: cache articles for 24hrs 1 month ago
  pictuga 5dac4c69a1 crawler: more code comments 1 month ago
  pictuga 36e2a1c3fd crawler: increase size limit from 100KiB to 500 1 month ago
  pictuga 83dd2925d3 readabilite: better parsing 1 month ago
  pictuga e09d0abf54 morss: remove deprecated peace of code 2 months ago
  pictuga ff26a560cb Shift safari work around to morss.py 2 months ago
  pictuga 74d7a1eca2 sheet.xsl: fix word wrap 2 months ago
  pictuga eba295cba8 sheet.xsl: fixes for safari 2 months ago
  pictuga f27631954e .htaccess: bypass Safari RSS detection 2 months ago
  pictuga c74abfa2f4 sheet.xsl: use CDATA for js code 2 months ago
  pictuga 1d5272c299 sheet.xsl: allow zooming on mobile 2 months ago
  pictuga f685139137 crawler: use UPSERT statements 2 months ago
  pictuga 73b477665e morss: separate :clip with <hr> instead of stars 2 months ago
  pictuga b425992783 morss: don't follow alt=rss with custom feeds 2 months ago
  pictuga 271ac8f80f crawler: comment code a bit 2 months ago
  pictuga 64e41b807d crawler: handle http:/ (single slash) 2 months ago
  pictuga a2c4691090 sheet.xsl: dir=auto for rtl languages (arabic, etc.) 2 months ago
  pictuga b6000923bc README: clean up deprecated code 2 months ago
  pictuga 27a42c47aa morss: use final request url 2 months ago
  pictuga c27c38f7c7 crawler: return dict instead of tuple 2 months ago
  pictuga a1dc96cb50 feeds: remove mimetype from function call as no longer used 2 months ago
  pictuga 749acc87fc Centralize url clean up in crawler.py 2 months ago
  pictuga c186188557 README: warning about lxml installation 2 months ago
  pictuga cb69e3167f crawler: accept non-ascii urls 2 months ago
  pictuga c3f06da947 morss: process(): specify encoding for clarity 2 months ago
  pictuga 44a3e0edc4 readabilite: specify in- and out-going encoding 2 months ago
  pictuga 4a9b505499 README: update python lib instructions 2 months ago
  pictuga 818cdaaa9b Make it possible to call sub-libs in non interactive mode 2 months ago
  pictuga 2806c64326 Make it possible to directly run sub-libs (feeds, crawler, readabilite) 2 months ago
  pictuga d39d7bb19d sheet.xsl: limit overflow 2 months ago
  pictuga e5e3746fc6 sheet.xsl: show plain url 2 months ago
  pictuga 960c9d10d6 sheet.xsl: customize output feed form 2 months ago
  pictuga 0e7a5b9780 sheet.xsl: wrap header in <header> 2 months ago
  pictuga 186bedcf62 sheet.xsl: smarter html reparser 2 months ago