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  pictuga b290568e14 README: decent line length 1 week ago
  pictuga 9ecf856f10 Add :resolve to remove (some?) tracking links 1 week ago
  pictuga 504ede624d Logo CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 3 weeks ago
  pictuga 0d89f0e6f2 Add a logo 4 weeks ago
  pictuga 56e0c2391d Missing import for served files 4 weeks ago
  pictuga 679f406a12 Default mimetype for served files 4 weeks ago
  pictuga f6d641eeef Serve any file in www/ 4 weeks ago
  pictuga 2456dd9bbc Fix broken pieces 4 weeks ago
  pictuga 0f33db248a Add license info in each file 1 month ago
  pictuga d57f543c7b README: remove todo 1 month ago
  pictuga fba112147c README: make it clear that the internal server is _very_ basic 1 month ago
  pictuga 8697c3f0df Remove remaining --debug from README 1 month ago
  pictuga 75935114e4 Remove leftover code 1 month ago
  pictuga 5bd2557619 Fix typo in provided .htaccess 1 month ago
  pictuga 598a2591f1 Dockerfile: remove confusing one-liner code 1 month ago
  pictuga e76ab2b631 Update gunicorn instructions 1 month ago
  pictuga aa9143302b Remove now-unused isInt code 1 month ago
  pictuga 0d62a7625b Define http port via env vars as well 1 month ago
  pictuga bd0efb1529 crawler: missing os import 1 month ago
  pictuga 47a17614ef Rename morss/cgi.py into morss/wsgi.py 1 month ago
  pictuga 4dfebe78f7 Pick caching backend via env vars 1 month ago
  pictuga dcd3e4a675 cgi.py: add missing impots 1 month ago
  pictuga e968b2ea7f Remove leftover :debug code 1 month ago
  pictuga 0ac590c798 Set MAX_/LIM_* settings via env var 1 month ago
  pictuga fa1b5aef09 Instructions for DEBUG= use 1 month ago
  pictuga 7f6309f618 README: :silent was explained twice 1 month ago
  pictuga f65fb45030 :debug completely deprecated in favour of DEBUG= 1 month ago
  pictuga 6dd40e5cc4 cli.py: fix Options code 1 month ago
  pictuga 0acfce5a22 cli.py: remove log 1 month ago
  pictuga 97ccc15db0 cgi.py: rename parseOptions to parse_options 1 month ago
  pictuga 7a560181f7 Use env var for DEBUG 1 month ago
  pictuga baccd3b22b Move parseOptions to cgi.py 1 month ago
  pictuga f79938ab11 Add :silent to readme & argparse 1 month ago
  pictuga 5b8bd47829 cli.py: remove draft code 1 month ago
  pictuga b5b355aa6e readabilite: increase penalty for high link density 1 month ago
  pictuga 94097f481a sheet.xsl: better handle some corner cases 1 month ago
  pictuga 8161baa7ae sheet.xsl: improve css 1 month ago
  pictuga bd182bcb85 Move cli code to argParse 1 month ago
  pictuga c7c2c5d749 Removed unused filterOptions code 1 month ago
  pictuga c6b52e625f split morss.py into __main__/cgi/cli.py 1 month ago
  pictuga c6d3a0eb53 readabilite: clean up code 2 months ago
  pictuga c628ee802c README: add docker-compose instructions 2 months ago
  pictuga 6021b912ff morss: fix item removal 2 months ago
  pictuga f18a128ee6 Change :first for :newest 2 months ago
  pictuga 64af86c11e crawler: catch html parsing errors 2 months ago
  pictuga 15951d228c Add :first to NOT sort items by date 2 months ago
  pictuga c1b1f5f58a morss: restrict iframe use from :get to avoid abuse 3 months ago
  pictuga 985185f47f morss: more flexible feed creator auto-detection 3 months ago
  pictuga 3190d1ec5a feeds: remove useless if(len) before loop 3 months ago
  pictuga 9815794a97 sheet.xsl: make text more self explanatory 4 months ago